New York, London, Paris… Glasgow?

As Scotland’s largest city it could be assumed that Glasgow would offer the best shopping experience and you would probably be correct, really it all comes down to perspective. In recent years Glasgow has been dubbed the fashion capital of Scotland stealing the crown from our capital city, Edinburgh. Personally I would say it all comes down to where you are from, yes, Glasgow is the larger of the two cities therefore it offers more space for stores and can give shoppers more choice, but as someone born and raised here the stores seem too familiar and bordering on boring, while Edinburgh is new and exciting.
Obviously neither city can compare to London or New York, but they are beginning to climb the ranks. New stores are opening and the cities are branching out, giving us more choice and making more brands available. It was only last year that the first Hollister store opened and it has been a huge hit with many Scots. This year we have been introduced to the popular American brand Forever 21 with their flagship store opening in the new Buchanan Quarter.

The opening of Buchanan Quarter had Glaswegians buzzing, with the introduction of 7 new stores, Gap, Paperchase, Sketchers, Fat Face, Office and Vans, with Forever 21 as the main attraction. Shoppers were lined up from dawn for the grand opening with the first in line getting a £100 gift voucher and the following ninety-nine a £5 voucher.

The new stores have been very well received. Forever 21's incredibly large store has been mobbed on the three occasions that I've dared to venture in. For someone used to smaller stores, unlike the ones of London (I am terrified of the Oxford street Topshop), this store came as a shock with it’s three floors of mainly women’s clothing. I did however spend a long time browsing the Forever 21 website to help gain an insight into their style (and pricing) and was pleasantly surprised. Their stock is stylish and on trend, though maybe not to my own personal taste, but the prices are good and I’ve already made a list of pieces I wish to add to my collection.

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